Defence Services

GHR is a family owned and operated business.

Our vision to create GHR came out of the confusion and run around we faced as one of the partners separated from Defence after 21 years service, despite having a Senior transition officer (now out of the APS) as a partner. Surely if we found it hard with inside knowledge of the processes and systems others would too?

We found that training providers, education providers and the Bureaucracy of the system all had a different perception of the correct way to get the right answers and a different interpretation of just what a Defence trade or qualification translated to on Civvie Street.

We know first hand how difficult the process is to navigate and how hard getting the right advice is. Many people claim to understand what your transition is like, but our team has experienced it from both perspectives.

We speak your language and understand how to market your unique Defence skills and attributes’ to potential employers who want what you have to offer:

We understand the importance of providing you with the whole career transition package, not just a resume or training course. They need to be targeted to maximize your chance at success.

We will provide a service that is targeted to your chosen industry, defines your unique strengths, skills and experience, regardless of your Rate, Corp, Trade, qualification or level of experience.

Specialist in
offshore and mining
  • Resume
  • Career Options
  • Cover Letters
  • Training Packages
  • Interview Coaching